6 Flooring Trends for 2018: Styles and Colors

If you are using 2018 to plan for a floor renovation in your house, then you want to check out the newest flooring trends for 2018. We’ve got the top picks in colors and styles ready to be put into your home.

Wide Plank Floor or Mixed Widths

Hardwood flooring is still a popular option for luxury flooring, but the trends are pushing us into more green and eco-friendly. Bamboo is one of the great alternative hardwood floor on the market right now. Luxury vinyl floor has also been a big part of the market for the last few years. Continuing in 2018, wide planks has becoming more popular on the market. Some of these are a foot wide or longer. They work well for cabins and also lend a mature look to many home styles.

You could also opt to do your flooring with mixed widths to shake things up a little.

Gray Wood Flooring

In 2018, gray flooring is still on trend and will become more common. This provides the home with a clean, unique appearance and fits into a modern-style house quite well. This is a great way to brighten up your décor although it won’t be as warm as natural colors.


Talk about an extreme. Whitewashed is back in style and is a great California-type trend that is making its way around the country. This relaxed vibe is great in farmhouse homes and kitchens. Remember, that a quality whitewashed wood is going to show signs of darker wood tones shining out from underneath. You don’t want to go with all white flooring.


This dark trend comes and goes out of style, but it is back for 2018. You can expect this darker hue to stick around for many years to come.


This dark-stained floor certainly makes a statement. When this floor is placed in a room with contrasting bright whites, you are ready for a spot in a home decorating magazine. One of the best examples of how to use mahogany is to highlight it with white furniture; maybe with a cabinet in the corner.

Just remember that dark floors are gorgeous, but they might make your room look small. In addition, they often show off dust easier than other floors.

Angled Wood Floors

Have you considered laying the floor on an angle? Homeowners across the country are mixing things up by laying flooring on an angle instead of the typical straight appearance. When done properly, this allows for a modern, unique and expensive appearance to your home.

This route does cost slightly more in materials. The installation will also be a little more expensive, but the outcome is going to be breathtaking. In fact, it is still a relatively new trend, so chances are that you’ll be the first out of your friends to do it.

What is going to happen is that this trend will take off like wildfire, so expect to see many more people jumping on the angled flooring bandwagon soon. This trend will be around for years to come, so it won’t go out of style.

In Conclusion

As you can tell, there are a lot of new flooring trends on the horizon which is keeping the flooring industry quite busy. With all the new additions and styles available to you, things can get a little confusing.

We are here to make sense of the endless supply of options and help you determine what’s best for your needs. Contact us today at 702-901-2510 and let’s get you on the path of installing a new and trendy floor for 2018.

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