• Mosaic tile

    Mosaic tile (38)

    Mosaic tile is a decorative design or work of art made up of small materials (such as pieces of stone or glass) arranged to create a pattern or image. Mosaic is an ancient art form dating back centuries, and it remains popular in home design today.
  • Luxury Waterproof Flooring

    Luxury Waterproof Flooring (168)

    Flooring that's easy to clean and maintain. Durable and luxury, with a rigid stone core. This floor is 100% waterproof and scratch resistant. Plank with build-inn soundproofing underlayment. Easy and fast installation! No heavy machinery.
  • Composite Decking

    Composite Decking (9)

    Composite decking is a great lightweight alternative to solid planks. The core is made from a unique composite of recycled plastic and wood fibers which is then ‘cored’ out with hollow ‘tube’ design. The result is a lightweight but solid deck that holds its color. Board comes in 8ft and 16ft length, grooved and grain finishes on opposite sides. Product is…